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Working with The Blades People, on this short promo. With over 30,000 hours of flying between them, The Blades are amongst the most experienced display pilots in the UK. Add to the fact that all are former RAF fast-jet pilots and all are former Red Arrows and it is little wonder that their air display is renowned world-wide and very much in demand. Since forming in 2006, The Blades have flown over 600 displays throughout the UK, Europe and the Middle-East. In this, the Team’s 7th season, the display continues to evolve with each winter being put to good use, training new pilots and developing the show. The aim is to showcase the amazing capabilities of the Extra 300 combined with the skill, experience and heritage of the pilots. The Team is very much in demand as the display adds a real ‘wow’ factor to any air show, event or party and with over 60 public displays planned this year, there is surely going to be a display near you.


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